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Fully Automated & Remote Service To Give You Flexibility

What makes us different?

We are a full service law firm in the heart of Airdrie providing legal service to clients in Airdrie and the Greater Calgary area. We provide cradle to conclusion support for our clients.


 We know that many clients are understandably wary of the cost of legal services. As such, we offer upfront, no- surprise prices for most of our legal services

What can we do to help you today?

Personal Injury

Personal injuries are, unfortunately, more commonplace than many people would like. However, if you or a dear loved one is involved in an accident and sustains personal injuries, catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, please contact our office for an initial no-obligation consultation.


Estate & Wills

A will lets you decide who inherits your assets and manages your estate after you pass. It is important for every person over the age of 18 to have an updated and valid will. When a person dies without a will, there may be many unintended consequences for their family and loved ones.


Immigration Law

Canada’s immigration system is complex and sometimes difficult to navigate. Our firm provides high-quality legal advice and a customized immigration strategy  tailored to our client's immigration needs

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What our clients are saying

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